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NU230 lab info for exam 1

My easy to remember anemia chart!

My easy to remember anemia chart!

UTI and BPH drawings I made

Fracture care reminders!

Thrombocytopenia and Neutropenia Helpers I made

Reminder about PAD vs PVD

Reminder about PAD vs PVD

Helpers for nu230 exam 1!

A couple or respiratory things!

NU 230 Exam #1

So we had exam 1 last week, it covered obstructive pulmonary issues (asthma, COPD, etc), autoimmune disorders including RA, SLE, and MS. Also upper and lower GI…particular emphasis on GERD, PUD, and bowel obstructions.

There were eight select all that apply questions. I was extremely disappointed to get an 88 on this exam, but hoping I can rock exam 2 and keep my A. 

Some study tips…


SABA (short acting beta adrenergic agonists) - End in -buterol

If you cant have these you get a -tropium

They are only for emergency situations because they can cause rebound bronchospasm

LABA (long beta adrenergic agonists) - End in -terol

Remember that you can only have 2 puffs of Salmeterol (old 2 puff sal)

They are not to be used for sudden wheezing


Make sure you know ALL The s/s because you NEED to know!

I felt like I lost so many study skills over the summer and this exam really hurt me but it definitely set me straight…here’s to better luck on exam 2!

How to make an insulin chart with onset/peaks/durations

I’m really sad because a lot of my posts got deleted and I have no idea why. I had so much helpful stuff and it’s just gone now…so not cool ugh.